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I have a beautiful house and was nervous to rent it out. I must say that this company has made life so easy, found a great tenant & keep me updated throughout. Now that I am going overseas I can feel confident that I have people who really care about protecting my home.
Thanks so much

Darko, Caroline Springs

I can't remember my last agent's name, but that's part of the reason why I swapped to Investors Choice. The other company just took my money each month with no correspondence all year. Great service. Helpful, Friendly staff. Good contacts within the industry and local area.

Jeremy, Collingwood

Investors Choice amazed me with their very professional and thorough proposal for renting out my home. They provided evidence of the current rental market and explained why they came to the weekly figure for my property. They are very attentive and easy to approach. They take maintenance very seriously and ensure that repairs are carried out in a timely fashion. I would recommend Investors choice to anyone wanting outstanding property management.

Brett Harvie, Carlton North

My former agent Crompton and Green were useless and lost me a lot of money. Well, Investors Choice has always been customer focused and responded in a timely manner to e-mails.
I am very happy with their performance.

Ratnaike, Footscray

Ray White Real Estate did not pay much attention to what was going on with my property, very Poor communication & slow actioning so I switched companies. Investors Choice provide prompt correspondence and quick actioning. My property manager has been fantastic to deal with

Lusia, Tarneit

I left Elders Real Estate who weren't thorough enough about inspections, didn't listen to our requests and didn't implement them; seem to be slack regarding tenants exiting the property. Seem to be looking after tenants' rights more than ours. Investors Choice have been friendly, polite, professional and efficient. So far you have listened to our requests and are supportive of both us and tenants. You keep us informed which is appreciated.

Noel, Point Cook