Choosing a tenant

Tenant Selection

Having a great tenant is the single most important asset to a landlord. So how do you get one?
The best way to attract and identify a great tenant is by presenting a neat and well-maintained home, by setting a fair rental price and by hiring expert Property Management.

The Investors Choice tenant selection process is far superior to other real estate agents. Here's why:

  • All property managers are trained to ensure all potential tenants are profiled and suitable.
  • Our tenant application form collects information on the tenant's income, employment status, rental history and personal references.
  • We use a budgeting model to determine whether the tenant has enough income and employment stability to meet the rental obligation.
  • We GUARANTEE to check every reference to validate income, employment, and rental history.
  • Landlords are provided with a detailed brief of each application and are given the opportunity to ask any questions before making the final approval.